E.g., 04/26/2019
Encore Media Group


Jonathan Shipley

Photo of Reel Grrls’ Tapestry 360 camp (2018). High-angle image of teenage girls doing group paper work on the floor of a sunny room.
Nancy Chang is the executive director of Reel Grrls. Encore sat down with her recently to discuss arts education, culture shifts and "Twin Peaks".
Photo courtesy of Reel Grrls.
Collection of postcards at Estelita’s.
Estelita’s Library focuses on social justice, ethnic studies and liberation movements, is open to anyone and has something for everyone.
Collection of postcards at Estelita’s.
Courtesy of Art with Heart.
Art with Heart has been an innovator helping kids build resilience, self-regulation and social-emotional skills.
Courtesy of Art with Heart.
Nick Droz, musician of Bushwick Book Club. Photo by Libby Lewis.
Encore Stages recently sat down with Geoff Larson, Bushwick’s executive director, to discuss how music can help illuminate literature.
Photo by Libby Lewis