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Danielle Mohlman

Porscha Shaw as Ophelia and Xavier Bleuel as Rude Boy in 12 Ophelias (a play with broken songs) at UW Drama. Photo by Isabel Le.
Shakespeare is part of our cultural landscape. And soon, permutations of his work will be all over Seattle.
Isabel Le
Actors box in ACT Theatre's production of The Royale.
For playwright Danielle Mohlman, pay-what-you-will performances are a great way to convince new-to-theatre friends to take a chance on something new.
Photo by Dawn Schaefer.
Headshot of the artist SassyBlack, with dyed vibrant red hair, before a background of live flowers.
SassyBlack on place, communication, and creativity.
Photo courtesy of the artist.
Erin Murray portrait
Danielle Mohlman speaks with “femme forward” theatre maker and educator Erin Murray.
Tracey Salazar