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This Day in History - February 22

Broadway's 'Moose Murders' opened and closed on the same night.
Video | February 22, 2017 | By Jonathan Shipley


On this day, in 1983, the infamous Broadway flop, Moose Murders, opened on Broadway. It closed after one performance. 

Opening at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre, it was the story about the owners and a group of guests at a hunting lodge who discover that a murderer is among them.

Starring Holland Taylor (who would go on later in her career to win an Emmy in The Practice), it was a catastrophic failure. Reviews describe one particular scene in which a mummified paraplegic rises from his wheelchair to kick a man dressed as a moose in the crotch. Reviews were not positive. The New York times theater critic Franch Rich described it as "the worst play I've ever seen on a Broadway stage." In his review he wrote that tehre would now "always be two groups of theatergoers in this world" those who have seen Moose Murders, and those who have not...A visit to Moose Murders is what will separate the connoissseurs of Broadway disaster from mere dilettantes for many moons to come." Critic John Simon wrote, "Selective patrons cannot even imagine what horrors reviewers are exposed to, night after nightmarish night."

Though savaged by critics, or perhaps because of that reason, the play is revived from time to time at regional theater companies. 

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