E.g., 09/24/2018
Encore Media Group
From left: James Ehnes, Stephen Rose, Jordan Anderson, Edward Arron, and Jonathan Vinocour.A quintet performs in a park.
Shakespeare, chamber music, puppetry...no matter your preference, there's a way to soak up the arts and the sun this summer.
Photo by Tom Mark Photography.
Photos from Howl’s Moving Castle at Book-It Repertory Theatre.
Encore Stages talks with burgeoning performer Rachel Guyer-Mafune.
Photo courtesy of Alabastro Photography
Photo of Yussef El Guindi.
Encore Stages talks with playwright Yussef El Guindi on the immigrant—and American—experience.
Photo by Ann-Margaret Johnson/Sassafras Photos.
The cast of the upcoming production of The Wolves at ACT.
Danielle Mohlman examines the women laying claim to sports via the theatre, and their inspiration for doing so.
Photo by Dawn Schaefer.
Photo of a brown-skinned boy looking at the photographer through the lens of his own camera.
Encore Stages recently sat down with Trina Gadsden, Youth in Focus’s Executive Director, to discuss seeing the world in light and shadows.
Photo by Youth in Focus student.
Photo of a brown-skinned boy looking at the photographer through the lens of his own camera.
Trina Gadsden discusses light and shadows.
The final scene of Hamlet.
Anthea Carns is a busy woman!
Actors box in ACT Theatre's production of The Royale.
Convincing new theatre-goers to dive in.
Headshot of the artist SassyBlack, with dyed vibrant red hair, before a background of live flowers.
SassyBlack on place, communication and creativity.
Porscha Shaw as Ophelia and Xavier Bleuel as Rude Boy in 12 Ophelias (a play with broken songs) at UW Drama. Photo by Isabel Le.
Shakespeare is part of our cultural landscape.
The Things Are Against Us with Washington Ensemble Theatre. (three people standing in a bathtub)
Bobbin Ramsey lives and breathes Seattle art.